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About Us

We design and manufactured Motor Bike Tank Pads Protectors and Side Pads Protectors .

Our Tank Pad Protector and Side Pad Protectors is a
protective adhesive pad that is applied to the fuel tank of a  motorcycle.

It protects the tank from scratches, scuffs, and other damage
that may occur from normal use or from contact with the rider's gear, such as
zippers or buttons.

Our Tank protector are made from a durable, non-abrasive polyurethane resin,
which does not dis colour overtime.

Our Tank and Side Pads are designed to fit the contours of your motorcycle's
tank and comes in a range of colours and designs to match the bike's paint

 In addition to providing protection for the fuel tank, our
Tank Pad Protectors also enhance the appearance of the motorcycle by adding a
customized touch.

Overall, our Tank Pad Protectors are a popular accessory
among motorcycle riders who want to protect their bike's finish and add a
personalized touch to their ride.

If you are a South African manufacturer of Motor Cycle
Products and Regalia, we will showcase your products and sell it on our site.

Please Contact Us.

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